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Fact-finding the Constitution envisions and the public deserves

by Jim Townsend

February 12, 2024

More than a century ago, following the horrific sinking of the RMS Titanic, Congress embarked on a bipartisan, in-depth investigation of the tragedy. The probe led to the enactment of a host of international and federal maritime safety laws that stand to this day. Fifty years later, Congress looked into traffic safety, established meaningful national standards and saved millions of lives. And after the financial debacle of 2008, Congress investigated the root causes and passed significant reforms to protect Americans from financial fraud and predatory lending.   

These are but a few of the many times Congress has upheld its constitutional responsibility, in the words of the Supreme Court, “to be the eyes and voice… of its constituents,” finding and reporting facts that enable the country to tackle its most vexing challenges.